Inside Out: Speak Out

Acts 1:6-11, 7:54-56, 17:16-18

Last week we began exploring practical, biblical examples of our church’s mission: taking the life-changing reality of Jesus to our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world. Specifically, we’re focusing on eight verbs vital for anyone passionately living to reach others for Christ.

As believers of Jesus we are committed to a personal relationship with God, so that we can each be influencers of others. Our first step, from last week, is to love out. This week we look closer at the call to speak out.

The decision to follow Jesus is the change we experience on the inside- but the inside happens for the outside. We do not exist to only live in a growing relationship with Jesus, to merely be holy by attending services, reading our Bible and praying. We do all of that so that we can fulfill God’s mission for us to reach a lost world for him. The single greatest act of compassion we could ever think to offer this world is to faithfully share the message of Jesus Christ.

Notice how motivated Paul was to share the good news in Acts 17:16-18. He simply could not help himself! All of us talk about what we love the most- for Paul, that was Jesus!

From the beginning of the church, the plan has always been for Christ followers to speak out, and it has always been accompanied with risk. The church’s very first martyr, Stephen, was killed for clearly speaking that salvation was only through Jesus Christ (Acts 7). Speaking the compassionate message of Jesus has never been popular, but it has always been the method chosen and directed by God.

Love out. Speak out. May we live from the inside out through both our actions and our words.

Conversation points:

  • Talk about a time when you tried to share your faith with someone. What method/tactics did you use? How did it go?
  • If you’ve hesitated to share your faith in the past, what was it that held you back?
  • What are some practical things you can do to begin each day determined to point others to Jesus? How can this group help?