Roads - Week 1

The Road to Jerusalem

(passages from Luke)

Message summary:

This week we begin a 3 week series focusing on the Easter season, specifically the roads Jesus traveled before, during, and after his death and resurrection: the road to Jerusalem, the road to the Cross, and the road to Emmaus.

While many signify Jesus’ “Triumphant entry” on Palm Sunday as the beginning of his road to Jerusalem, his journey actually began much earlier. As far back as Luke 9 Jesus first announced that he was to be betrayed into the hands of men; and it was then that he “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51). Over the next 9 chapters Jesus slowly walks the road to Jerusalem, making several unique stops and slight detours on the way. Throughout this journey we learn several truths about Jesus and his disciples- truths that can easily be applied to our lives today.

Several passages in Luke highlight what it is like to walk the road with Jesus. We see that the road can be worrisome when we don't have the full picture (Luke 9:43-45). We experience that the road can be harsh when we commit to Jesus (Luke 9:51-53). We recognize that the road can take us through deep disappointment (Luke 13:22, 33-35). We learn that the road keeps moving through various places- places we did not expect or wish to travel (Luke 17:11). In the end, we think we are on the right road, but things end up not as they seem (Luke 18:31-34; 19:11).

Often we respond negatively to the disciples’ lack of awareness in the days leading up to Passion week, yet at times we too are unaware of the road on which Jesus has us. The road of following Jesus can be bumpy, difficult, and filled with uncertainty. Yet we are assured in Scripture that Jesus is on the road with us, guiding us in ways we maybe would not have chosen but are best for our growth in Him. Jesus knew his road, and he knows ours as well.

Do I know where my road is leading?
Do I trust Jesus enough to follow him?

Conversation points:

  • What aspect of this weekend’s sermon resonated with you the most? What was your primary take away?
  • Do you think we would be just as clueless as the disciples were in the months and days leading up to Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem? Why or why not?
  • As you look back on your life, when were there times Jesus had you walking down an unknown road? What could you learn from those seasons of life and how might you apply them to future times of doubt?