Roads - Week 2

The Road to the Cross

(Matthew 26-28)

Message summary:

This Easter season we are focusing on the roads Jesus traveled before, during, and after his death and resurrection: the road to Jerusalem, the road to the Cross, and the road to Emmaus.

From the time Jesus began his ministry, he spoke of the kingdom. It was reasonable for his disciples to expect the establishment of this kingdom. On more than one occasion they asked to know when it would begin. They even asked who would sit beside him! None of them wanted to go to Jerusalem because they knew people in the city wanted to kill Jesus. Despite the danger, they followed.

Throughout the week, Jesus taught his disciples in parables while the conspiracy to kill him grew. By the middle of the week, one of his closest followers- one of his twelve disciples- had conspired with the priests to betray him. Jesus knew their plans. He knew he was being betrayed. He knew where this road was heading. Instead of going into hiding, he took every opportunity to lead his disciples and to teach them how to see his kingdom. They always expected that he had come to rule and to be served as King, but instead he had come to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Jesus spent his last week of earthly ministry teaching his disciples the importance of inviting people along on this journey, just as he had done with them. This was his life’s purpose, and nothing could dissuade him from it. The disciples still didn't get it, but by the end of this road, they would.

He died, and then he was raised to life. What does this mean for us?

Conversation points:

  • What are your favorite Easter memories growing up?
  • It’s easy to become so familiar with the details of the crucifixion and resurrection that they begin to lose significance. How can we maintain a sense of wonder, awe, and gratitude?