Cure for What Ails - Week 14

Cure For What Ails


1 Corinthians 15:35-49

Message summary:

In chapter 15 Paul writes detailed instructions regarding the doctrine of resurrection. In the first half of the chapter Paul focused on the resurrection of Jesus- its importance to the Gospel message and our our faith as well as its evidence of future resurrections. As we move into the second half of the chapter Paul answers practical questions about the resurrection his believers will experience.

At the beginning of this section Paul tackles two of the more common errors regarding the nature of a resurrected body: it is either the original body simply put back together or it is completely unrelated to the one on earth. Using an analogy from agriculture, Paul describes the resurrected body as chosen by God (15:38), somehow related to the former (15:36), but also different (15:39-41). While there is continuity (it is our body) there is not identity (it is not the same body). Paul provides further insight by contrasting the nature of these two bodies: the perishable becomes imperishable, the dishonorable becomes glorious, the weak becomes powerful, and the natural becomes spiritual (15:42-44).

The mystery of resurrection is indeed profound; yet for those who believe in Jesus, an imperishable, glorified existence will one day be reality!

Conversation points:

  • Have you ever wondered how Paul received such detailed information on resurrection? Where do you think he learned of this- from the other apostles? through supernatural revelation?
  • How have you thought about resurrection in the past? What have you imagined a resurrected body would be like?
  • The content of this passage is both mysterious and exciting, and it’s easy to become preoccupied with the idea of a future, glorified body. Where is the balance between longing for a resurrected body and living purposefully in your current earthly body?