A Prayer for Boldness

A Prayer for Boldness?

Acts 4:23-31

It is no secret that one of our deeper desires is health and safety in our lives and for the ones we love. As a result, most of our prayers center around healing for the sick, safety for those traveling, and protection from suffering. Is this the essence of prayer? Or are we meant for something greater?

The early years of the church were not easy times. The majority of 1st century believers endured incredible pain and hardship for the cause of Christ (see the apostle Paul’s life experience in 2 Corinthians 11:23-28). Yet in the midst of the most threatening of circumstances, Peter and John prayed for continued boldness to speak the Gospel (Acts 4:29). Uncommon!

Our prayers reveal our values. If our target goal is to faithfully carry God’s love and hope to the world, then we will pray to that end- even if it includes discomfort. Praying for boldness is uncommon prayer, but we do not need more of the same. We need to rise above the common and live victoriously the way God would have his children live. Prayers for boldness- significant, eternal life altering prayers.

Conversation points:

  • What is something you prayed about as a child but no longer think about as an adult? What caused this change?
  • What do you think contributed to the boldness exhibited by the apostles and other 1st century believers? Have you seen this in other believers today? If so, share their story with the group.
  • If someone could read a transcript of your prayer life, what would they find? What would be revealed as most important? What would be absent (or barely noticeable)?
  • How might you pray practically with boldness this week? How can this group help you?