Psalm 139

One of humanity’s most basic desires is to be understood… to be known. The search for significance and notoriety can lead to desperate, even ridiculous actions (see any current “reality show”). Deep down, all of us want to be known for something.

In Psalm 139, David meditates on several attributes of God that are beyond our limited, human comprehension- his omniscience (he knows it all), his omnipresence (he fills it all), and his omnipotence (he designs and controls it all). As David thinks and writes about these truths of God, the intimacy between God and David rises to the surface. From the secret way David was created to the secret thoughts of David’s heart, God knows it all. This idea reaches an apex in verse 17, when David says of God “how precious are your thoughts to me.” A better translation reads “how precious are your thoughts concerning me” or “toward me.” Essentially, David is declaring “God can’t stop thinking about me!”

You and I are known more deeply than we can imagine by the one who matters the most. Now that’s significant!

Conversation Points:

  • What is something that you want to be known for? How has that desire changed over the years?
  • How do you handle the tension between factual statements made in Scripture about God’s attributes and your limited ability to comprehend them? Does it drive you crazy? Do you ignore it altogether? Are you able to find a peaceful resolution?
  • Psalm 139 begins and ends with God “searching” David’s heart- a statement of truth about God in verse 1 and a prayer to God in verse 23. What is the significance of David “bookending” the psalm this way?
  • Focus on David’s prayer at the end of the psalm (verses 23-24). How can you relate these words to your life?