God-sized Prayer

Joshua 10:1-14

The events experienced by Joshua and the armies of Israel in Joshua 10 are truly remarkable. Joshua and his men had marched all night, a distance of twenty miles, to do battle with their enemies. He needed the battle time prolonged so his troops could catch the other armies before they reached their fortified cities. More daylight was needed, so Joshua asked God to lengthen the day. As a result, the sun did not set for a period of a completed day, creating what can best be described as a 48 hour day (possible message title: Prayer, 24/8!)

Joshua’s prayer reveals what happens when one prays with the understanding and confidence that God is indeed limitless in his generosity and capacities. Learning to walk with hope and stand in faith requires Joshua-like confidence in the bigger requests as well as the smaller stuff. The size of our prayers will reflect the size we think God is. Let's broaden our understanding of God so we too may offer God-sized, uncommon prayer.

The claims and promises of God are as big as he is- let's claim them and walk in them!

Conversation points:

  • How big is the biggest prayer you ever prayed as a child? As an adult? Are those prayers different? If so, how?
  • Can you think of times in your life when you experienced God-sized forgiveness? What were the details? How did that event change you?
  • What steps can you take to live more confidently under the promises of God? How can your group help you?