You want to volunteer, that's great. Below, you'll find our policy agreement and how to start a background check, two steps you need to complete to be able to volunteer with our kids ministry. 

You may be thinking, this seems like a lot of work just so I can volunteer, but each of these steps is necessary to making sure we're providing a safe environment for our kids. We look forward to working with you!

Why a Policy?
It is the purpose of this application to help Palmcroft Church provide a safe and secure environment for children who participate in our programs and use our facilities. It also aides our ministerial staff in getting to know you better. Any volunteer working in any ministry position where you would be directly working with children, is required to complete a Background Check, a Policy Agreement, and asked to fill out this Volunteer Application. The information contained in this application will be kept confidential. It will be disclosed only to the ministerial staff in order to carry out their responsibilities for Palmcroft Church, or as required by law. Thank you for your willingness to serve in the lives of our children here at Palmcroft!
Name *
Mobile Phone *
Mobile Phone
We need your birthdate in order for you to check in to the system when you volunteer.
Summarize how you came to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
Are you a Palmcroft Member? *
Please list the name and phone number of 2-3 references (no relatives).
Check in *
No one is ever to be alone with a child. Please be sure there are at least 2 adults in a classroom before checking children in.
Bathroom Procedures *
*Please us the 2 person rule at ALL times. *When using the bathrooms in the Preschool and Makers Academy buildings, allow the child to go themselves. If help is needed, leave the door open and a woman volunteer may go in and assist the child -- allowing them to do as much as possible for themselves. *For Elementary buildings, 2 adults are to walk the children to the restrooms, check to be sure the restrooms are clear of any danger and then allow children to go in by themselves. You may stand at the door propping it open slightly to assure things are okay while children are inside. Be sure another adult is also present the whole time. *Diaper changing is to be done by women volunteers only.
First-Aid Kits/Incident Reports *
If a child is injured in a classroom, there are first-aid kits available in each room. If the injury is greater than a small cut, please notify a kids ministry staff member or Awana Commander. We ask volunteers to fill out an incident report and communicate the injury clearly to the parent/guardian.
Physical Contact Guidelines *
As we build relationships with our children it is very easy to get comfortable in how we display care and affection. For your safety, and our children’s, here are some fun & appropriate ways to connect: * Short congratulatory or greeting hugs * High-fives * Handshakes * Walking hand in hand * An arm around the shoulder * Brief pat on the back or shoulder * Use good judgment at all times. Never do the following: * Never touch in anger * Never let a child sit on your lap (Exceptions are allowed when caring for young children needing to be fed or comforted) * Never touch a child in an inappropriate or questionable manner.
Hygiene *
Please help us prevent the spread of illnesses by washing and sanitizing your hands. Do this after diaper changes, assisting a child in the restroom, wiping a child’s nose, before handling food, and whenever else it is needed.
Non-accident or injury accidents *
In the case of any non-accident or injury incident that may cause concern, please inform a kids ministry staff member or the Awana Commander right away. This may include behavior that indicates possible abuse, inappropriate talk or touch from one child (or volunteer) to another, or any other incident that a parent or staff member needs to know.
Volunteer ID *
Please wear your name tag at all times when volunteering. This helps all of us know who belongs with the children and who may not. If you do not have one, please inform a kids ministry staff member.
Background Check *
I have completed a background check for Palmcroft.
I have read, understand, and agree to follow these policies for the safety of myself and the children with whom I will be working.
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Next Steps
We'll review your application. After reviewing your application, if we are going to move forward with you as a volunteer, we will email you a link to submit a background check.