Why Serve at Palmcroft?


We are the church.

Our life wasn’t given to us for us alone, but so that we could share the life changing reality of Jesus with our neighbors, our city, and our world. We believe in serving people whenever we can. When, in Matthew 16:18, Jesus told Peter "... and on this rock I will build My Church..." the word He used for church is closest to the word we use today for a gathering. The Church is not buildings, it's always been the people of God gathering together.

The services we participate in could not happen without people just like you giving up a portion of their time and volunteering. We hope you'll consider giving of your time, so these same services can happen for someone else.


Current Volunteer Openings

The roles we're looking to fill change often, so if you don't see something that is a good fit for you, check back later. You can also send us a message and tell us where you'd like to serve. We'll reach out when we have a good spot for you!


EMployment Opportunities

Curious about current staff openings at Palmcroft? Tap below to learn more.