Thank You for Praying!

Sean and Ruthann Cross, WorldVenture: Spain

We finally have our letter of invitation from Spain’s Ministry of Justice!

Although we are excited to FINALLY have this letter, we also know “good-byes” that once seemed so far off are now uncomfortably near. Painfully near, if I’m allowed to be honest. One thing stressed many times in our training was the truth of great sadness in leaving our “home country”. This truth has become a reality for us. The flip side of this is with great sadness comes great comfort in knowing that we have loved and been loved well. As we near the end of this part of our journey we ask that you would not give up, but be even more fervent in your prayers for our family. Please pray for our children by name: AJ, Ethan, Jack and Evi. Next step…visa appointments at the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles on November 12!