Coffee and missions… 2 of My Favorite Things!

From a supported partner in a creative access country (politically sensitive)

Simple Coffee is a business that uses the platform of growing coffee, blending coffee and brewing coffee to create opportunities for sharing the Gospel of Jesus.  

In this top growing coffee region, there is a Christian business man who wants to partner with Simple Coffee. The plan…Simple Coffee will plant a coffee farm on property he owns, and then employ (not enslave) people from a local ethnic minority group in the production process. He also wants to see these people learn about Jesus, and so a pastor has recently moved to the property to serve this marginalized and very poor people group. Think about the potential for both economic and spiritual impact in this community through this cooperative project!

We may not be able to go out and rescue kids ourselves, but a new partnership with a local non-profit called Blue Dragon does just that! They rescue kids in crises. We helped this organization by developing an exclusive blend, the proceeds of which go to the work of Blue Dragon. We launched the DRAGON blend in December exclusively for Blue Dragon's use, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. (Sorry, it is not available in the states!)

By March 30 I have spent six weeks of the past nine working at the Simple Coffee shop in Bangkok. What I truly love about my time there is training our baristas. But it's not without its challenges. Some of these girls come from rough backgrounds and often have no previous work experience, no familiarity with the food and beverages we serve, and sometimes don't like to be told what to do. A challenging combination! We press on in faith that we are somehow making a difference.