Eyes Wide Open

Roy and Shereen: Closed Access Country

We need to go in with our eyes wide open.

So, what have we been doing to prepare for our adventure? In our spare time, we are reading books and attempting language with our Pimsleur CDs. I've always enjoyed learning about other cultures so I am reading a book about how to prepare to adapt to other cultures. The book is Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World by Dr. David A. Livermore. 

The beginning of the book has been inspiring with the illustration of the cultural iceberg. There are many things that make up a person or groups of people, many are difficult to see or understand, and yet the understanding that we make assumptions on so little information has been humbling.  We often default to the use of our five senses… what we can see, touch, hear, taste, smell, or our experiences. We usually don't go below the surface to understand the why's. We need to go in with our eyes wide open, but we need to see with our hearts, be curious, and humbly ask questions. We have to be willing and eager students, to learn and try new things. These are just a few of the things I am learning in preparation to go.  (Roy and Shereen are currently at 75.5% support raised.)