A Great Response

We had a great response to The Know last month. Many of you took the time to let me know of some more ministries where you serve. So the list continues to grow. Thank you! 


Matthew 25 Project

On the 3rdSaturday of each month, Matthew 25 Project volunteers serve over 400 meals to residents at various homeless shelters and transitional housing. The residents include families, singles mothers, men, and women from domestic violence to U.S. veterans. We offer a spiritual environment through Bible teaching and inspirational music. Children have the opportunity to learn about the gospel through crafts and games. We distribute Bibles as well as toiletries, clothing, blankets, and baby items. 



Sister Pauline

We lost Miss Pauline last September, but a few of us at Palmcroft and from some other churches continue to carry out her ministry. We arrive near the CASS shelter at about 6 am on Sunday mornings, where the homeless are from the shelter and from sleeping on the street.  We pray together first and then we give them Bibles, Bible tracts, blankets, water, clothes, toiletries, and backpacks when we have them.  My husband even gets up at 3 am to make them coffee. We’re done by 7 am and go home to get ready for church.

To know more, please contact maggi.garrison@palmcroft.com


Neighborhood Ministries

Our mission is to be the presence of Jesus Christ, sharing his life-transforming hope, love, and power among distressed families of urban Phoenix to ignite their passion for God and His Kingdom. Our outreach programs meet our community’s most basic needs including food and clothing and youth programs. Our empowerment programs provide case management, academic support, and workforce development.