“Homegrown” Missions

Sunday morning, September 29, 2019, we celebrated our 75-year legacy of showing and sharing Jesus to the world. “Homegrown” missionaries, Jon and Tina Thomas, shared a powerful story about how money that was raised by Palmcroft kids during the 2012 VBS is still being used to provide New Testaments for the Indonesian people to learn about God’s love. Another “homegrown” missionary, Joanna Beeler, told how her father challenged her not just to be a nurse but to be a missionary nurse. After 31 years, she is still witnessing God working in the people of Pakistan.

Pastor Robb took time to thank Palmcroft’s Missions Director of 21 years, Maggi Garrison, who has been able to take part in mentoring and raising up 11 of our “homegrown” missionaries from our body. In many of their stories we find more names mentioned of church staff and even other “homegrown” missionaries who helped them understand God’s call to missions in their lives and shape who they’ve become.

The morning service also contained a video from more of Palmcroft’s sent missionaries and each missionary reassured our church to “continue.” What does this mean? It means continue to pray, to share about missions with every age, to send short term teams, to give, to “grow up” future missionaries, to encourage current missionaries, and to continue taking the Gospel around the world. This is “homgrown” missions! It is doing work projects within our community, talking about missions with kids and adults, being a church family that encourages each individual to follow God’s calling in their lives, helping to equip missionary appointees for their future work, interacting with missionaries at Palmcroft who share about their compassion for the lost, and providing prayer and financial support for those missionaries and agencies.

Throughout the service, Pastor Neal, Pastor Nate, Chelsi Johnson (another “homegrown” missionary), the choir, and the band helped to point the congregation to the Provider and Giver of Palmcroft’s global impact, God. The question of the morning was “Are you next?” Pastor Robb prayed over the congregation asking God to raise up new “homegrown” workers and to allow the church to keep reaching the unreached for Jesus Christ!

Pray for Palmcroft to keep raising up missionaries. Pray for the “homegrown” missionaries currently serving. Pray that the Name of Jesus will continue to be heard through Palmcroft’s faithful servanthood.

Oh, Holy Spirit, move in our hearts

Send us with power into the world

Oh, Holy Spirit, move in hearts

Fill us with fire and love for the world

“The Sending” by Leeland

Read more about our “homegrown” missionaries and watch the video below.