Represent and Own It

SMI 2019

Following a fantastic VBS week at Palmcroft and 13 weeks of training, our High School Students served for 2 weeks alongside the Craig Family who are missionaries in Barstow & Bishop, CA. Between our Barstow and Bishop teams they would run 22 different VBS programs reaching over 400 hundred children with the stories of Jesus’ encounters like His walking on water, death and resurrection and more. As a result, 53 kids would come to know their Savior Jesus Christ and several communities in California were impacted by the Gospel!

One of the students, Tyler S., shares his story about how SMI impacts those communities: “This week was amazing. It was very fulfilling to work with all the kids, but it was getting towards the end of the week and I didn’t get the opportunity to pray with a kid. I was starting to wonder if people would remember the work I did 6 months from now. But then I was talking to a kid named Kevin and he was asking me if I knew any of the people that had come on an SMI to that church 2 years before. Somehow even though he did not attend that VBS, he knew all of the names of the SMI students. Later that day, it hit me that the people in that community must have talked about that SMI team a lot for Kevin to know them 2 years later. God really encouraged me through that experience and showed me that even the people in the community who couldn’t come to the VBS were touched and our team planted hundreds of seeds for God.”


Impact 2019

On June 26, 42 of our junior high students left to go to Ventura, California on their Impact mission trip. During the week, our students ran a day-camp at a local park and shared their faith through a skit. They also were able to share their faith through their evangelism training around the Ventura community. God gave them the opportunity to plant many seeds of the Gospel and lead 6 people to Christ!

The team not only had Gospel impact on the community but also helped the Christian school they stayed at by painting, cleaning, spreading rock and working on many other projects around the campus.

One of the students, Abby D., shares her story: “A man we met mentioned to us that someone had been talking to him about the Lord the other day and then now we were telling him the same thing. He said he had been thinking about all of it and we were excited to hear that God had already been working on him. My group and I were so blessed to keep planting seeds for God. It was so neat to see that God was already preparing the way before we got there.”


Wrapping It Up

SMI and Impact both offer the opportunity for adults in our church to come along side the students and mentor them in their Christian walk. These trips do not just allow the adults to encourage the students, but they also help the leaders grow in their own walk with God. One of the SMI drivers, Devon M., shares this about his experience, “It is always amazing to go on these trips and see what God does each time. Each trip is always different and this year in particular there were many opportunities to get to know new leaders that came on the trip. God is so good in giving us new people in our lives that help us to grow as Christians. Our Father uses the experiences and people on these trips to show us who He is in our own lives. He does this by not only letting us watch our kids step out and talk to complete strangers but also allowing us to see pastors in other places giving their all for Jesus.”

We praise the Lord for the awesome things that He did on these trips. Continue to pray for these students as they go about their lives that God will use them in their homes, in their communities and in this world. Pray that God would open their eyes for the plan He has for each of them.

Please pray also for the Larissa Craig, Missions Door missionary, and her family as they continue to serve the areas around Barstow and Bishop, CA. Praise the Lord for the $4,500 that was raised during Palmcroft’s VBS week that we were able to present to the Craig Family to further reach the unreached in California for Christ.

Remember also to pray for those in Ventura, CA that our Impact students spoke with. Praise the Lord for those who accepted Him as their Savior. Pray for the people that did not accept Jesus that someone else would reap the seeds that were planted.