Secure but Not Suppressed


Why is it so important that our church does not share full names, countries or ministries where secure missionaries are serving? While we do this to protect them from harm, it also allows the worker to still have Gospel impact in places where being a Christian or sharing about Christ are illegal. A government finding out what the missionary is “really” doing can hurt that worker’s outreach ability and potentially lead to an entire mission agency’s work in that country to end.

If we can’t share about exactly where they are, then how can we support them? Imagine having to constantly be careful about what you say while meeting with someone at a coffee shop or teaching in a classroom or even texting about God to someone within that country. One of our workers, C in Asia, shared some insight on her recent home assignment, “I have to be always paying attention to what I say about my faith, who I talk to about it, and who could be around me that would report me. You do get used to it after a while, but it is still hard to remember this at all times. Not sharing about my Father openly can be one of the hardest things about my teaching position here.” We can pray that C and our other secure missionaries will have strength and courage as they have to be consistently on guard during each interaction and conversation to follow God’s leading to share their faith.

Another way we can support these workers is to pray that they continue to reach the unreached regardless of legal obstacles that Satan has placed in their way. C also shared a story with us from her 2018-2019 school year in Asia:

“L is my national team liaison with the school. This year I was tasked with being the team leader which meant a lot more interaction with L than anyone else. Most of us didn’t get along with L as she tended to be difficult to work with and even frustrating at times. I tried to connect with her in several different ways, but I was not having any success. Regardless of how much L was avoiding any relationship with me, God was telling me to share Jesus with her so that she could join in the Father’s kingdom with me. I knew sitting in a coffee shop would not work—too many other people around, and I also knew that inviting her to my house wouldn’t work either. Towards the end of the school year, God provided the perfect place to share my testimony of faith with L in her office with no one else around. L is still not a child of the Father, but we have built a friendship that I hope will lead to more conversations like that one. I am excited to see what opportunities God will give me this coming year to continue to show His love to L and others at the school.”

C’s story is a testament to the amazing impact that our secure workers are having around the world. Pray for C as she returns to Asia in August that she will continue to build relationships like the one with L. Safe travel back to her country in August is another way we can pray for her. Pray for all of our secure missionaries and that God will continue to protect them when Satan tries to suppress them.